About Us

Edition Margaux (named after the fine French wine), was founded as a GbR in 1988 in Kreuzberg by Hans-Gerhard Fey and Peter Strack. Both founders were guitar teachers, as were the publisher’s first authors (Norbert Wuttke, Frank Hill, and Dietmar Ungerank). The company’s founders were also able to engage composers such as Istvan Horvath-Thomas, Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon and Carlo Domeniconi.

The publishing house aimed to produce nice-sounding, easy-to-play guitar music to be used in lessons. To remedy the lack of chamber music, Hans-Gerhard Fey created numerous arrangements of Albéniz, Granados and D. Scarlatti for two guitars. At the time, the master copies were still laboriously produced manually on a typewriter for musical notation. The publications were distributed through major retailers of the time, through German and French independent retailers, and soon through major retailers in the USA, Japan, and the UK. Edition Margaux regularly presented itself at the Frankfurt music trade fair and at Musicora in Paris. 

In just a few years, Edition Margaux was able to establish itself as a small specialist publishing house of international renown. A year after Germany’s reunification, Edition Margaux moved to Berlin-Mitte in the offices of Verlag Neue Musik, giving rise to the long-standing collaboration with Walter Thomas Heyn as publishing manager, and leading to the founding of the joint label Kreuzberg Records. Heyn boosted collaboration with broadcasters and managed the majority of CD productions. 

New to the publisher’s programme was hire material, which in particular included Domeniconi’s guitar concertos and Zenamon’s orchestral works. The publishing house was able to gain Nikita Koshkin as an important new author. 

In 1994 Edition Margaux moved into the Forum Kreuzberg, and in 1999 it was taken over by Detlef Kessler, who in 2002 incorporated it into his AMA-Verlag Group.