Magic Waltz

Manufacturer: Metreveli, Kacha

Cast: Solo Guitar

Product.Nr.: em1187

ISBN: 978-3-7333-2357-8

ISMN: M-2032-5761-5

Difficulty level: 3

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product description

This piece is the 1st prize winner of the 3rd International Composers Competition Rust (Austria), April 2019.

"I wrote this composition Magic Waltz for the 2019 Composers Competition of the InternationalGuitar Festival in Rust (Austria). The theme of the composition was English Waltz or Slow Waltz.After long preliminary considerations I had the idea to compose a piece for guitar based on the novel and the film adaptations of Mary Poppins by Pamela Lynwood Travers. I wanted to pay musical tribute to the novels central character the magical nanny Mary Poppins with her fabulous potential and mysterious boundlessness. The music incorporates the typical slight swing of a Waltz and is slow and soft in character. It represents what I imagine the novels central character to be like."

Kacha Metreveli